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 Turn any watch into an Emergency Medical Alert ID

A mediband bracelet displayed on a gentleman's watch.  The MediBand™ is a proprietary and unique emergency medical identification system that is worn and displayed on your watch - something you wear anyway. These durable, low profile special metal alloy accessories contain no known allergenic materials, are extremely lightweight and easily attach and fashion themselves to most types and styles of ordinary watchbands. MediBand™ tastefully displays, in super high resolution, the red universal medical alert symbol along with contrasting black text describing your affliction and indicating that a complete medical profile wallet card is also being carried. This high-tech product is not silk-screened, printed or engraved. All graphic and text contents are contained within the clear hardened surface of the MediBand™ to provide maximum protection against chipping and other outside influences including salt water, solvents, gasoline and most industrial chemicals.

For those individuals disclosing a medical condition, this unique medical ID product allows for a credible, stylish, and welcomed comfortable alternative from the usual special necklaces, bracelets or other alert devices. The MediBand™ fits most leather, metal, cloth, rubber and other strap and clasp type watch bands.

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Comfortable, Lightweight and Discreet - Simple to Install

Since 1996 MediBand™ has been manufactured exclusively in the USA by ID Technology Inc.

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The MediBand™ a welcomed comfortable, lightweight alternative from the usual special bracelets or other medical alert ID devices.

Notice: ID Technology is an independent manufacturer of unique and proprietary medical alert jewelry and is not affiliated with MedicAlert® Foundation, MedicAlert® bracelets, MedicAlert® pendants, MedicAlert® watches or any of their subscription services.