The selection of a proper photograph is important to the overall look of your "Forevergraph Dog Tag". Keep in mind during your selection that the completed picture will be small in size and it is our intention to enlarge and display the main subject matter consistent with good photo practices. We will apply our skills and judgement in making the best overall miniature portraits from the supplied photos.

Tips on selecting a good photograph

  1. Select photo with good tonal range and contrast
  2. Keep background plain and not busy behind subject
  3. Use picture that is sharply focused
  4. Leave some area on all sides for "framing" subject
  5. We can accept emailed photos - contact us for instructions

  6. If sent via snail mail. protect photo during mailing with lightweight cardboard
  7. Write "PHOTOS DO NOT BEND" on envelope

Of course, these are ideal conditions and sometimes a great snapshot you have does not meet "the ideal" conditions. Don't worry, our years of experience in creating these tags has taught us how to make yours great too.

If you have a need to submit special instructions on framing or orienting your subject, remember that the final photo is a square format and your comments must be consistent with this shape. The size of your square does not matter since we will zoom in to make it fit. The best way to submit instructions is to also send a Xerox copy of the photo with your square cropping outline drawn onto the copy.